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Wash Care / Tips for Our Cloth Diapers:
Quick Overview:

If soiled, best to use a diaper sprayer to remove poop from diaper.  (Dirty diapers can be stored in a diaper pail, wet bag or thrown directly in the washer drum.  Solely breastfeed babies can have their diapers directly thrown in the pail.  After your baby starts solids, you should shake off what you can into the toilet beforehand.  Another option is to use biodegradable, flushable liners. Just remove the liner, poop and all, and drop into the toilet.  Wash diapers every day or every other day.  Avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis, especially if your child has sensitive skin. 1/4 cup bleach with your regular wash once a month is okay.  No fabric softeners, which coat the fabric and reduce absorbency.  Wool/ plastic dryer balls can be used. Baking soda and vinegar can be added to the wash. 


Takes about 1.5 hours to dry on normal dry setting, with a medium diaper load.  Takes about 24 hours to air dry indoors.  High heat dry setting can be used as our waterproof PUL is a high quality material.  The inner 2 bamboo cotton layers inside the pocket is the last to dry.  The hemp booster insert should removed before laundering.  


The front diaper flap under the tummy panel is designed to go on top, but it works the other way as well.  The 4 layer hemp booster can be placed in the pocket, for nap or overnight use, but it can also be used during the day if you need extra absorbency, for an outing, road trip, or if your child's diaper is leaking before the 2.5.

More In Depth Washing Tips:

  • Wash no more than 12 - 18 larger size or adjustable size diapers at a time. If you have a larger barrel washer, you can wash more and should have enough material in the washer so that the diapers get agitated well against each other. 

  • Use your washer's highest water level.

  • Pre-rinse with cold water and no detergent.

  • Use a regular warm water cycle and cloth-friendly detergent (a detergent that rinses clean and cleans well!).  We recommend Original Powder Tide (not liquid Tide, HE Tide, or other version of Tide), Allen's Naturally, Charlie's Soap, and Sensi-Clean. Do not use any baby detergents such as Dreft, since they contain fabric softeners.  For beginners- it's important to use the recommened detergents as some other ones will cause build coating on the liners, making it less aborbent, thus causing leaks.   Here's a link to a Facebook group that dedicated to wash routines for specific washer models. 

Smelly Diaper Solution:
  • Do a cold rinse.

  • Use your regular amount of detergent.

  • Add 1/2 cup baking soda and a Downy ball filled to the top with distilled white vinegar.  Start your washer's warm/hot cycle.

  • After the diapers have agitated, but before the warm water has drained, stop the cycle (this can be done on some washers by leaving the lid up).

  • Let the diapers soak overnight.

  • Close the lid in the morning to complete the cycle

  • Note: if you have hard water, use borax instead of baking soda.

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