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Our mission - simply - is create quality products for parents and kids that help to bring joy and comfort. We are committed to create the highest quality product - ones that we would not hesitate to use for our own children. 

 Our Products

At MOM & BAB, we are passionate about potty training and want to help make the process more enjoyable for parents and toddlers.


We have designed our products with the utmost care and consideration, making our goods with high quality cotton that is sewn with detailed precision. The toddlers using our products love the cute designs, the comfortable fit, and the ease of pulling up and down underwear– making them feel like a big kid!

Training Pants
Make potty training easier with fewer clean ups with these cute and absorbent underwear your Toddler will love!
Wet Bags
Water resistant and odor proof wet storage bags for cloth diapers, daycare, swimsuits and sweaty gym clothes.
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What Our Customers Say

While our products are for kids, our customers are moms. At MOM & BAB we value the great feedback they give us because it helps us make our product better. Here are some reviews of our training pants from real moms. 

Our Promise

At MOM & BAB, we appreciated how fun, but also stressful, raising kids can be, especially when it comes to things like potty training. We strive to help make the experience as stress free as possible.


We have designed our products with the utmost care and consideration. Our goods are made with high quality cotton that is sewn with detailed precision. 


We stand by our products and superior customer service. We offer a lifetime product replacement guarantee and no-hassle return policy. 


We talk the talk and walk the walk :).

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