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Stay tuned!  We are launching the Ultimate All-in-one Cloth Diapers with the cutest designs soon!  

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Training Pants

Help your child transition from diapers easier by letting them feel the unpleasant wetness during an accident so they can learn the "cause and effect" of going in their pants, which brings them closer to learning when they need to go.  The absorbent layers helps you to minimize clean-ups!

We've sold over 32K trainers and have numerous parents telling me their kids love wearing our training pants due to comfort and cute designs.  They choose to wear ours amongst other brands! Check out our 4.5/5 rating on Amazon.

Wet Bags

These water resistant and odor proof wet bags are great for storing soiled diapers and wet baby clothes. They are also great for personal use to store gym clothes, for travelling and for storing shoes and garments. 

Made from high quality, flexible & soft polyester PUL, these wet bags feature a full-length zippered enclosure and button snap top handle making it easy to load and remove goods and to attach to any object. These bags are easily machine washable and can be tumbled dried on low to ensure unlimited reuse.

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"These training pants are the best I've seen, by far! I just recently purchased several sets of these, and they are working beautifully for us! "

"They are lightweight but have not leaked at all and have contained the dirty diaper smell (whether with EBF newborn or super stinky 2 year old) while I'm washing and processing the pail liners."

"This diaper caddy is AWESOME. I bought it for my friend who just had a baby boy and is raising him on her own. She's so tiny I knew it would be hard to carry around the diapers, baby powder, lotions, etc on her own."

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